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Large selection of PVC (white) and AVS (black) fittings

10ft pipe at great prices!

Know that we only stock the best quality in our stores.

Let little details like our wonderful bathroom and kitchen faucets stand out.

Make things easier with our plumbing fixtures

Are you in need of a new plumbing fixture for your kitchen or bathroom?


All of our employee know how to walk you through the toughest plumbing project.

Get the plumbing in your kitchen and bathroom in working order with our amazing plumbing selection!


Our plumbing selection

piping supplies plSharkBite fittings

Proudly family-owned and operated since 1961 - visit us today!

Choose from a wide selection of plumbing supplies:


• Easy-connect SharkBite fittings

• Toilets

• Bathroom faucets

• Kitchen faucets

Plumbing hero

When you have a problem with plumbing, our experienced staff have helped hundreds of want-2-be plumbers save money and gained experience to tackle the job themselves.